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Meet the Activist and a Model with a pure heart –Ms.Shalu Gupta

Zirakpur (Report : Mani_) Ms. Shalu Gupta has been a part of many committees and organizational groups like Suncity society during COVID, Kesaria Bharat of Panchlula where she is a President, Anti Corruption foundation of India where she is a Brand ambassador and so on to create a safe community for everyone alike to discuss, support and encourage people during these tough times of COVID.
She not only models for health awareness campaigns but has also done many ramp shows for specially able children and hopes the COVID-19 pandemic will inspire positive changes for creativity and community.


Ms.Shalu Gupta
Today we had the opportunity to ask a few quick questions with The Actress, Fashion Model, Social Activist Ms.Shalu Gupta….

How would you dress your alter-ego?
Ans: I think it’d be fun to wear a sustainable version of Aishwarya Rai Bachan’s princess look dress which she wore for Cannes Red carpet

What are you reading and/or listening to?
Ans: I love my culture and the songs I grew up listening to, one reason I switch to Channel : “BALLE BALLE” which showcases the best vibe of Punjabi Music for Music lovers like me

What app can’t you live without?
Ans: Whats app! It’s great for keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world. I can call people, have group chats, share the best memes easily, and even do group video calls! I love it

What have you been wearing in self-isolation?
Ans: Anything that I am comfortable in, which is comfy loose trousers or shorts and any comfy jumper I can find. I tend to choose comfort over style, and this is why my alter ego is dressed to the nines!

Ms.Shalu Gupta 1

What’s your biggest support system?
Ans: My two support pillars of my life are My Mother and My Husband. My Mother has been my role model as she has been the support system for the whole family after my father’s death. She has single handedly raised kids and today the Shalu you see is because what she has made me. My husband has been there for me through all my ups and downs in life and has been my rock even during my depression days due to obesity and hormonal changes. It’s my Husband Mr.Rakesh Gupta who has inspired me to be a Model and walk the ramp and boosted my self-esteem.

Ms.Shalu Gupta 2

Who do you admire?
Ans: Every single frontline and essential worker who without caring for their own lifes have taken care of people during this COVID.

Living through the coronavirus can be quite daunting. Where have you been looking for positive advice to help?
Ans: I spend my quality time with my family and doing chores with them, help the society community where I have adopted few senior citizens during this COVID. I believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body so I ensure I spends two hours every day doing exercise like Yoga or Walking. If ever I feel low I share my feelings and talk to my Husband and Friends and we have created a support syetem for one another where we can share and discuss things.

What is the message you would like to give our readers?
Ans: Stay Home and Stay Positive. Help one another and reach out to senior citizens and help them doing their basic work. As the only way to beat COVID is to stay strong as a person and as a whole community.


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